Born in Collingwood in 2007 to proud parents Tom Marks & Scott Pioro.

“We wanted our kid to have a name that had no limits. Something that evoked a point of difference with the same feeling of riding a bike (pre helmet laws) when the cool kid on the corner remarked “NICE BIKE, dude!"

2011 NICE BIKE took over all production for the brands for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Saved the brand tons of cash and made some unprecedented and prolific content including the "I BOUGHT A JEEP" campaigns.

NICE BIKE’s content models were designed to change brand culture and in the words of the then FCA CEO “Nothing short of disruption.”

The first international office opened in SOHO Manhattan in 2013 (now housed in Greenpoint Brooklyn).

2017 opened up NICE BIKE satellite offices in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur with a digital agency to service their goals in providing a truly global service in a shrinking world market.

2020 NICE BIKE created the NB Echo Chamber which adds SEO, Data and Analytics to all of the content we produce.